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Tyre puncture fix near Sutton

Do I Need Runflat Tyres or Can I Replace Them With Normal Tyres? Mobile Tyres Surrey Runflat Tyre Replacement

Many new cars especially BMW’s and Mercedes come with runflat tyres as standard. During the life of the vehicle tyres will need replacing, ideally if your car has runflat tyres then is is a good idea to replace tyres like for like. 

Some owners will replace their tyres with normal tyres due to the relative higher cost of runflat tyres, the harsher ride or sometimes just due to availability.

I have come across many vehicles where just two tyres are runflats and two are normal tyres. This is not recommended as it can effect the handling of the vehicle. But if you are going to mix and match make sure you keep the same type of tyre on the same axle.

In recent years the ride comfort of runflat tyres has improved greatly and prices are not as high as they originally were. One thing many owners don’t like with runflats is that they are not designed to be repaired if they get punctured. This is because unlike normal tyres you cannot easily see if a runflat has been driven on while deflated. So there is always the possibility that there could be internal damage to the structure of the tyre.

If you are changing from runflats to normal tyres, one thing to realise is that you don’t have a spare wheel, or a tyre weld kit. Should you get a puncture you are left vulnerable, so it would be worth sourcing an after-market tyre weld kit.

To have runflat tyres you must have some form of Tyre pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). Without a monitoring system, you would not know you have a puncture in a runflat tyre until it is too late and the tyre disintegrates. Also the wheels for runflats are designed with a larger bead to keep the tyre in place in case of a deflation.

If your car has some from of TPMS system, you will see a TPMS light on the dash board. The TPMS system can be direct (with sensors inside the wheel) or indirect (which works from the ABS system). With normal tyres or runflats you must have a working TPMS system, otherwise you will fail an MOT.

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